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AISIN Timing Belt Kits are comprehensive and high-quality kits that include all the necessary components to replace the timing belt, tensioner, and idler pulleys, ensuring proper engine timing and performance while also providing long-lasting durability.

AISIN Timing Belt Kits are comprised of the water pump, gasket, timing belt, hydraulic tensioner, idler and bearings where applicable. These components are crucial to the engine's timing system. They are responsible for maintaining the engine's timing and performance, and it's important to replace them at the recommended intervals to avoid costly engine damage.


AISIN Timing Belt Kits are made from high-quality materials that can withstand pressure and high temperatures found in the engine.  The timing belt included in the AISIN kits is made of durable materials that can withstand extreme heat, oil, and abrasion.  The tensioner and idlers are also made of durable materials, that are engineered to provide longevity with optimal performance.


  • AISIN includes all the necessary OE matched components for a complete timing belt replacement in one combined kit


  • Coverage includes: Japanese, Korean, Volvo and select Domestic vehicles


  • Clear instructions are supplied with each kit for quick and easy installation


  • To ensure proper engine timing and performance, trust AISIN's reliable and long-lasting durability timing belt kits

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