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Developed by the AISIN OE Engineering division, AISIN Hydraulic Tensioners utilizes a unique hydraulic pressurizing mechanism that efficiently dampens timing belt vibrations while maintaining optimal belt tension throughout the RPM range.

AISIN Hydraulic Tensioners are a type of automotive component used to maintain the proper tension on a drive belt, ensuring smooth and consistent operation of the engine's accessories such as the water pump, alternator and air conditioning compressor. These tensioners use pressurized oil to keep the belt tight and prevent slipping, which can cause damage to the belt or the accessories it drives. AISIN's design eliminates the need for periodic adjustments, as the pressure is maintained automatically.


  • Utilizes hydraulic pressure to deliveroptimal belt tension, automaticallyadjusting throughout the RPM range


  • AISIN OE Engineering developed pressurizing mechanism efficiently dampens timing belt vibrations


  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials to maximize durability

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