Here you will find various solutions to commonly know issues.  Please review the troubleshooting documentation below by clicking on any listing.


Brake Fluid Leak

Brake Pad Backing Plate Rust

Brake Pad Brake Noise

Brake Pad Uneven or Premature Wear

Brake Pressure Loss

Brake Rotor Grooves

Caliper Piston Sticking

Caliper Slide Pin Sticking

Car Judder When Brakes Are Applied

Protruding Edge on Brake Rotor Surface

Rotor Surface Overheating

Seized Caliper

Soft or Spongy Brake Pedal


Troubleshooting and Mitigating Brake Rotor Problems

Troubleshooting: Brake Noise PBC Grease Application

Water Pump Quick Reference for Failures

Water Pump Troubleshooting