Any and all new product buttetins and information will be posted here for both AISIN and ADVICS.  Please check back frequently as these are constantly being updated.

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Disc Brake Rotor

Engine Coolant Thermostat

Phase 3 Rotors

Engine Coolant / Antifreeze

Phase 2 Rotors

Gap Pads

WPT-207 & 209 Water Pump

SPCH-001 & SGCH-001 Steering

OSVT-9003 Oil Valve

FSVT-002, 004-005 Coolent Control Valve

Window Regulator Assembly

Window Motor and Regulator Assembly

WPF-033, 034 Water Pump

THT-024, 025 Coolant Thermostat

ACG-004 coolant

THN-021 Coolant Thermostat

THF-008, 009, THN-020, THT-023 thermostat

THN-019 Thermostat

RMK-700 ~ RMK-745 Window Motor