For left to right: Dwayne Bates, VP – Automotive Aftermarket Division, AISIN World Corp. of America, Mr. Kazuto Koyama, President and CEO of AISIN Holdings of America (AHA), Miguel Rodriguez, Assistant Manager – North American Aftermarket

Catherine Ditching Abelido - Manager of Sales and Marketing Operations N.A. Aftermarket Sales Department, and Larrow Kaufman – North American Sr. Sales Manager, AISIN World Corp. of America.


In a significant move showcasing proactive leadership, AHA President Kazuto Koyama paid a visit to the AISIN World Corp. of America (AWA-LA) offices, marking his first official visit since assuming his position of president. [1] [2] His visit, aimed at collaboration and strategic planning, delved into crucial aspects of the company's business landscape, particularly focusing on the aftermarket business in both north and south America along with the evolving role of AISIN in the electric vehicle (EV) market.

During the many discussions, Mr. Koyama emphasized the importance of understanding the dynamics of the current aftermarket business in north and south America.  The conversation took a deep dive into what's happening in the market right now, what customers are into, and what the competitors are up to, all to make sure AWA stays on top of the latest information and keep growing with the future of EV technology.

Talking about the rise of electric vehicles, Mr. Koyama really stressed how AISIN is strategically positioned to shape the future of electric transportation. Electric cars are becoming more popular every day, and AISIN is all set to be a big player in providing top-notch parts that make electric cars run better and more efficiently. Mr. Koyama talked about how AISIN are using their technology and creative solutions to keep up with the changes happening in the world of electric vehicles.

In addition to exploring opportunities, Mr. Koyama addressed many of the challenges confronting the EV market and outlined strategies to overcome them. Recognizing the immense competitive landscape and the need for agility in response to changing market dynamics, he emphasized the importance of continuous improvement, innovation, operational efficiency, and customer-centric approaches in navigating the challenges and sustaining growth.

By welcoming open dialogue and collaboration between AHA and AWA-LA teams, Mr. Koyama's visit aimed to align strategies that will enable AISIN to capitalize on market opportunities and drive sustainable business success in the aftermarket segment and EV landscape.

While the discussions were meaningful and forward-looking, the atmosphere remained conducive to open exchange, reflecting a professional yet casual tone that encouraged open dialogue and collaboration among all who were present.

The insights gleaned from this visit are expected to inform future initiatives and strategic decisions, underscoring AISIN’s dedication to innovation, growth, and customer satisfaction in the dynamic automotive industry landscape.