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Japan (Major Consolidated Subsidiaries)  
Name Established Business Activities
AISIN TAKAOKA CO., LTD. 1960 Iron and aluminum casting and machining of automobile components, metal forming, and production and sales of audio products and soundproofing materials
AISIN CHEMICAL CO., LTD. 1952 Production and sales of automobile resin moldings, friction materials and chemical products
AISIN AW CO., LTD. 1969 Production and sales of automatic transmission, hybrid system and car navigation system
AISIN LIVING PLANNER CO., LTD. 1967 Machinery and automobile leasing, real estate leasing, sales of home-use sewing machines and home remodling servise
AISIN KEIKINZOKU CO., LTD. 1970 Production and sales of aluminum die-casting products for automobile components and aluminum extrusion
AISIN DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. 1993 Construction, environmental development (civil engineering, greenery projects, real estate) and insurance agency business
AISIN KIKO CO., LTD. 1956 Production and sales of functional automatic transmission components, drivetrain related and body related components
AISIN AI CO., LTD. 1991 Production and sales of manual transmissions and transfers
AISIN SIN'EI CO., LTD. 1961 Stamping of automobile components, painting and production of body related components
AISIN AW INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. 1983 Production and sales of automatic transmission components
HOSEI BRAKE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. 1968 Production and sales of such brake components as drum brakes and sheet metal products
ADVICS CO., LTD. 2001 Development and sales of brake systems and related components
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