Cooling Products

Water Pump
AISIN is the No.1 Original Equipment Manufacturer of Water Pumps in the world. AISIN's advanced aluminum die-casting technology allows for size and weight reductions without sacrificing cooling performance.

  • Engine specific water pressure is achieved without excessive load to engine.
  • Improved strength in body design and carbon ceramic mechanical seals assures leak prevention.

Timing Belt Kit

AISIN takes pride in being the largest Water Pump supplier to vehicle manufacturers and combines OE matched components into one convenient kit for the aftermarket.

  • This kit contains the Water Pump with Gaskets and Timing Belt along with the Housing, Hydraulic Tensioner, Idler and Tensioner Bearings where applicable.

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Fan Clutch
AISIN Fan Clutch quickly adjusts to temperature changes to provide efficient, controlled cooling. Providing optimal cooling performance without sacrificing engine efficiency, AISIN Fan Clutches are always OE Matched.

  • Delivers precise fan speeds in proportion to engine RPM.
  • Optimal cooling performance is achieved through monitoring air temperature accurately without creating excess engine load.

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Fan Pulley Tower
AISIN Fan Pulley Brackets are built with the highest quality materials and robust design. Maintaining structure and supporting the clutch fan, AISIN Fan Pulley Brackets are always OE Matched.

  • Optimal geometrical design maintains structural integrity, ensuring fan clutch stability.
  • Equipped with the highest quality bearings to support extreme clutch fan rotations.

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Hydraulic Tensioner

Developed by the AISIN OE Engineering division, AISIN Hydraulic Tensioners utilizes a unique hydraulic pressurizing mechanism that efficiently dampens timing belt vibrations while maintaining optimal belt tension throughout the RPM range.

  • AISIN OE Engineering developed pressurizing mechanism efficiently dampens timing belt vibrations.
  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials to maximize durability.

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Electric Water Pump for Hybrid Vehicles
  • High efficiency electric water pump
  • Includes coverage for Toyota, Prius and Lexus hybrid vehicles

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Inverter Water Pumps

  • Cools the hybrid inverter system
  • Compact and lightweight, integrates the control circuit, motor and pump

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  • OE Manufactured for exact Form, Fit and Function
  • Maintains cooling system performance
  • Keeps coolant within the optimal temperature range

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Fan Blades

  • Light weight and high performance
  • Maintains optimal pressurization between fan and radiator
  • Decreases rotational mass for maximum air ventilation

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